mccarren park rehabilitation center

PROJECT SPECS: Convert the once abandoned McCarren Park Recreational Center into a functioning physical therapy center. Draw inspiration from the site’s origins as a public health center. DESCRIPTION: The renovation of McCarren park into a rehabilitation center takes into consideration the pool’s history as a public recreational center. The rehab center designed creates semi-public/semi-private recreational areas viewable and accessible from each patient room. Visitors and patients have an opportunity to escape their isolated rooms and enter an area of social interaction and engagement, an important component in the healing process proven by evidence based design research studies. PROGRAMS USED: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD, 3DSmax

detail: floor plan of patient room and recreational area
diagram of public vs. private spaces
circulation diagram of caregivers, patients and visitors
view from patient bed
view from hallway

view of recreational area
view from patient bed

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