ketel one office + lounge

PROJECT SPECS: Within a 4500sf area, layout and organize a lounge area as well as an office space for Ketel One Vodka. Consider the analytical challanges of using the same space both during the day and at night. DESCRIPTION: Ketel One is both a traditional and a modern brand. the nolet family uses a 300-year-old recipe to create Ketel One Vodka, yet it appeals to a modern, fashionable and young market. the rennovated space represents the duality of the Ketel One drinker: the responsible professional and the social maven. While the office and lounge are separated, there are multiple opportunities of interaction between the two, creating a new experience with every visit. PROGRAMS USED: AutoCAD, 3DSMax, Photoshop, Illustrator

overall space
office at night
office by day
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